Carrier drug survey reveals need to “purge” 300,000 drivers

Data comparing pre-employment drug tests of truck driver applicants found evidence that thousands of habitual drug users are slipping through the federal drug screening system.

Compiled by the Alliance for Driver Safety & Security (known as the Trucking Alliance), whose members include major truckload operators J.B. Hunt [NASDAQ: JBHT], U.S. Xpress [NYSE: USX] and Knight-Swift Transportation [NYSE: KNX], the “first of its kind” survey found that while 94 percent of the urinalysis and hair analysis of 151,662 applicants tested drug-free, thousands failed either or both tests.

Based on what the Trucking Alliance asserted is a “statistically valid sample” of 3.5 million commercial drivers, the survey projects with a 99 percent confidence level and less than 1 percent margin of error that 301,000 truck drivers currently on the road would fail or refuse a hair analysis.

“We have a huge drug abuse problem in the trucking industry, and should actually purge an estimated 300,000 commercial drivers to clean it up,” said Trucking Alliance Managing Director Lane Kidd in a statement. “No wonder truck accidents are on the rise.”

The results of the survey were recently submitted to the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) as well as to the U.S. House Transportation & Infrastructure Highway Subcommittee before its hearing today (June 12) on the state of the trucking industry.

“The T&I Subcommittee can intervene to mitigate this problem,” the Alliance stated in comments to the subcommittee. The group wants lawmakers to urge the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to complete hair test guidelines, which were mandated under the FAST Act surface transportation legislation in 2015 but have yet to be rolled out.

“Until DOT recognizes a hair analysis, no employer will be allowed to submit hair test failures into the pending USDOT Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse. This will make it virtually impossible for another employer to know if a person applying for a truck driver job has previously failed a drug test,” according to the Alliance.

Testifying at the June 12 subcommittee hearing, American Trucking Associations President Chris Spear echoed the group’s concern. “[The hair-test guidelines] have been sitting at HHS for three years. DOT is ready to move forward on this. Get on HHS and get this thing done.”

The Alliance pointed out that DOT currently recognizes only urinalysis as a drug test method, allowing employers to require additional test methods as part of employer hiring practices. However, “a growing number of trucking company employers, including Trucking Alliance carriers, require a second drug test, a hair analysis, as part of their pre-employment truck driver hiring policies.”

Using urinalysis alone missed nine out of 10 illegal drug users, according to the Alliance survey. Cocaine was the most prevalent drug that tested positive, followed by opioids and marijuana. “Applicants who failed or refused the hair test were disqualified for employment at these companies, but likely obtained the same job elsewhere, at companies that administer only a urinalysis.”

Some trucking experts contend that, while needed, more rigid federal guidelines and enforcement of drug testing will make it more difficult to seat drivers.

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John Gallagher, Washington Correspondent

Based in Washington, D.C., John specializes in regulation and legislation affecting all sectors of freight transportation. He has covered rail, trucking and maritime issues since 1993 for a variety of publications based in the U.S. and the U.K. John began business reporting in 1993 at Broadcasting & Cable Magazine. He graduated from Florida State University majoring in English and business.


  1. My family is out there on the road with them. I’m a driver. Pluck a hair get those idiots off of the road. I am all for it. Non cdl drivers as well. Driving is a privilege i would do it as often as monthly.

    1. Yah but yet you stupid ass 4 wheelers smoke weed pop pills drive drunk and talk on your phones 24/7 and your not the problem!! Cut us real drivers off and are willing to kill your whole family just to be first fuck you how about we drug test car drivers also every month also !! Bet you’ll be crying about your rights real fast or better yet we make it so you can’t play on your phone after a 5 mph yah your bitch ass won’t be running your trap I bet

      1. I agree, all phones should disabled at 5 mph. I know passengers want to text, but for the safety of all it needs to stop. Truck drivers are subject to a $2500 fine for using a phone, company owners as myself get an $11,000 fine, and if I’m the one caught I get a $2500 fine on top of that. At most companies it’s a termination offence if caught, yet every day I see people using their phone going down the road. Turning them all off at 5 mph will do so much more for safety on the roads, than anymore drug testing it’s ridiculous. We survived on the road for decades with just truckstop access to a pay phone. The amount of peace we would get from not having to be available while on the road by phone, “use a bluetooth” would lower our stress level, our distractions, and make brokers, and dispatchers more efficient, as they’d have to give us all the information on one phone call or text. They could text us and when we stop it would come through. Yep, sign me up for that, as long as everyone else does it, it’s difficult to compete when you can’t contact your drivers while they’re moving. Drug testing is already expensive, hair testing multiplies that already costly expense that probably affects less than 1% of people who drive. I’ve never got a positive test on any applicant, yet still found reasons not to hire them. Cell phones are the largest hazard on the highway today!

          1. Blame it on the gun. It jumped off the table and just started shooting everyone. Most of the problems in this world are by people not raised properly

        1. Cell phones are not the issue. all everyone want to do is pass the buck to something that can’t drive it’s the idiot who uses a phone while driving or drinks and drives or doesn’t put on the blinker& look before changing lanes or the truck driver who drives 1/2 a car length behind a car. 32 years driving for a carrier NO tickets or accident ever. It is the people behind the wheel only nothing else.

        2. Having cell phones shut off at 5 mph is asinine. Passengers won’t be able to use their phones. Emergency calls won’t able to be made. it is not the cell phones that are the problem. it is the drivers of the vehicles. There needs to be a fair fine so it should be the same as the trucker gets . We are the safest drivers on the road overall but we are the ones targeted for every little thing with a huge fine and a ticket that may cost you the job. When you look around we see quite a few semi drivers that should not be. Does anyone call on the driver when you see them use a cell phone non hands free when driving? Very doubtful . If we don’t monitor and clean our own industry someone else will and it is coming to that now.We don’t like it. The negativity is running rampant, the lazy i don’t care drivers are taking over. They don’t help or offer help to to those that could use some sound advice or that helping hand. It is effecting our industry and not in a good way. The bad thing is they think they know it all and refuse help and again down the road we all pay for it. NO one knows it all we learn something each day . Sometimes it is something small and some times not so small lesson..A number of years ago the Mega carriers all but eliminated any kind of dress code. As long as your not naked your good to go driver. Got a warm butt? Pass a drug test today?. Shhhh we won’t say a word about the one you failed OK?
          It has progressed downward from there.The tools of the trade are not the problem cell phones, GPS . It is the drivers that are the problem. The Driver makes all the decisions on the truck. The decision to drive drunk, take illegal drugs, drive tired , watch movies driving down the road or just be a good safe driver .Lately it seems that far too many drivers are incapable of making safe sound decisions anymore. I think the word is entitled fits the situation. Hell if they can’t read a road atlas or figure out paper logs . What else do they not or are unwilling to learn?Not one of us with a CDL is perfect. We can try to be and that is called SAFE. Do it right, no shortcuts.

          1. I call people out on cb when their on their phone swerving while im passing them. I hate that. Give courtesy when someones passing or near you. And its worse then atlas reading or paper logs…… Lets make auto transmission trucks so we can get any wanna be driver (body) to feel a truck seat. Pffff! Ridiculous!

        3. Absolutely correct, that and just blatant reckless drivers who just don’t and trucks.

      2. Its always stupid 4 wheelers screaming but most often at fault. Whoever posted hair follicle test is a dumbass. As a cdl holder you are hardly allowed to take prescribed meds. Its bs. Also stop making drivers do tests while they’re not on duty. To damn many regs, where’s the ones for 4 wheelers

      3. I agree with you 100’/. Comments such as Brando’s are a perfect example of just how stupid the general population truly is nowadays. And who exactly would fork up the money for all this testing? Any more BRIGHT ideas? The general population, I believe, are just like sheep. If they do not have someone to follow they are lost.

      4. I would love to see ALL drivers be required to pass drug test, yearly. I am talking both regular drivers and professional. Second, I wouldnt mind doing a monthly drug test, as a professional I take pride in driving safe, and having no accidents.

    2. The thing is I don’t use drugs. if the day comes, I have to give a part of my self up to drive a truck. The shelves will be empty. Now your family will starve as you seem to think we as professional truck drivers have to give a part of us away. Really look at the problem. If drugs was what caused the deaths it would be on news 24 7. Go back to school and learn common sense. Wait they don’t teach that. We need to make a law that will fix it. Just like the death penalty did that stop murder’s?

      1. It often WAS effective years ago when they actually USED the death penalty, instead of allowing people to sit on Death Row for 20 + years before their sentence is carried out.

    3. It couldn’t be there trying to say accidents are on the rise due to drugs instead of the truth lack of experience

    4. You’re looking at this the wrong way.

      300,000 drivers are out there probably smoking a little weed or something stupid on their own time and not getting into accidents. I’d bet the vast majority of them are doing something no different than having a beer or three in the first half of a weekend.

      I’m absolutely against any kind of impaired driving but if this projection does anything, it bolsters the idea that people can recreationally use drugs and be fine at their jobs.

      1. The problem has always been that people don’t take responsibility. Only takes one idiot to make the rest of us look bad. How many times have you been somewhere and a driver shows up being ignore, mouthy or just acting like what the public perceive us to be and then we all are treated like trash. Need to step up and do something about other drivers being irrespirresponsible ourselfs. See someone driving wreckless, they have a billboard on the side of the truck. Don’t get them fired unless they can’t stop being reckless, but let them to realize that they’re actions are not going to be tolerated by other drivers as well. Clean up our own house and get the government to back off, but only if we can get greater support from the piblic.

        1. I agree, but, We used to have that we are the good guys. We were known as the Knights of the Road because we did take responsibility , Help the public and each other when we saw them on the shoulder. We were allowed to think for ourselves and we took responsibility for our actions. Did we have fun.? Damned right we had fun but not at the expense of the public.We drank our beer , We shared a parking lot BBQ with other drivers. Made friends from strangers. We all had one thing in common. RESPECT. and a work ethic. Where did it go?

    5. In some cases drugs may be the problem but it could also be the company you’re working for and for all the little electronic gadgets they put in a truck they’re taking the control away from the driver and letting the computer drive and decide how to handle it in certain situations. By the way since are commercial vehicles are governed maybe we should govern the four wheelers as well

    6. I’ll take it as soon as everyone who has anything to do with a federal highway or safety sensitive job takes it. Police and DOT officers, construction workers, pilots and railroad workers. And every class c driver. What people aren’t seeing here is this would make millions for pharmaceutical companies. It would also put alot of small carriers out of business. Wake up

      1. Exactly…if a driver goes home for 3days ,smokes some weed is he a problem when he gets back on the road…no ..the guy who wrote this probably got paid by the big companies who require the hair test.

        1. Lets face it. Fact
          Sick people use drugs. It does not belong in the industry. If you can’t survive with out it. Find other employment like a car crash dummy.

    7. You seem to have a very strong opinion but I would suggest resisting the urge to form strong opinions on any matter, not just this, until you have looked at the data for yourself.
      There are a staggering amount of variables to account for if you wish to explain the increase in the CMV accident rate not least of which I would argue would be the increase in traffic volume over the last half century, i.e. more vehicles traveling on the roads more accidents occur on the road. The Large Truck Crash Causation Study, seems to be an adequate starting point for coding the enormous amount of crash causation variables, but again I feel it is only a start more data need to be collected. I would recommend reading the analysis brief

      Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
      Ounce of Research and Analysis
      Publication No. FMCSA-RRA-07-017

      Furthermore the science behind hair follicle drug testing has a glaring weakness that is seemingly being ignored. I would have to imagine the motive is a financial. There is a reason why UA and Blood toxicity screens are effective and that is because the mechanism incorporating any given drug metabolites into those given systems (urine / blood) has been thoroughly studied. To contrasts this the mechanism through which any given metabolites enter the hair has yet to be clarified. In fact studies have show that all three compounds (THC, THCA-A, THC-COOH) considered incontestable proof of Marijuana uptake, have been found in the hair of non-consuming individuals simply by coming into contact with the hands or sebum/sweat of a consumer.
      I wonder what your opinion of these test would be if it were used in say… a child custody.

    8. I was unable to be hired for one particular job, because of the follicle test.
      A military brat, I am 62 years old and have had a crew cut for the last 50 years.
      They dont pluck anything…they want a handful at least three inches long….which at my age, I dont have.

      If one applies for multiple companies, you better have a hippy head of hair ! ! ! !

    9. HINT: It’s NOTHING to do with their propaganda about drugs. It’s ALL ABOUT SELF DRIVING TRUCKS they’re testing out to save the companies tons of cash so company CEO’s make a fortune by not paying workers comp, 401k, and other benefits. People in all professions should be not liking this BS as NO TRUCKERS due robots, then it’s NO DOCK WORKERS, due robots loading n unloading, THEN it’s NO STOCK CLERKS loading the shelves at stores coz robots do it all, THEN CASHIERS (already doing THIS) due self serve machines. NO DRIVERS means NO FAST FOOD DELIVERIES as someone has to unload from the robot driven reefer (will a 15 yr old kid do it? NO). What about GAS TANKERS? Who will unload the fuel when the self loading truck @ the refinery gets to the gas station? There won’t be a cashiet due to pay at the pump. Need a prescription filled? Go thru the drive thru & it will all be AUTOMATED, just insert your card, enter ID and it fills your prescriptions (already being done by some CVS stores testing it). Soon NO ONE will HAVE a PAYCHECK to buy the goods delivered by robots, to self stocking stores because the robots took everyones job. Need the cops? A robocop robot with all codes programmed will arrive just like the movie. Need an ambulance, a self driving ambulance with auomated instructions for types of emergency. Slowly but surely happening. YES EXTREME PUN partialy intended.

    10. the hrs of service is what is causing the accident rate to go up. cause of the mandatory election. It we can’t blame that. So let’s blame it on drivers using legal or illegal drugs.

      1. The HOS nor the ELD is causing any accidents. it is the drivers and drivers only. They are afraid or too stupid to tell dispatch they are tired or weather is unsafe I am going to park. They see the clock ticking away 3 hrs, 20 mins to go . They think they have to drive that time instead of being safe and parking. it is a simple case of the new drivers today are unable to think for themselves. lack the ability to be observant, They push beyond the safe limits they possess.WE all pay for it.

        1. Mousekiller your wrong right there so I’m gonna inform you its not the drivers. Facts show the eld has failed to reduce crashes I run paper and won’t do an eld because it causes too much fatigue stress and I am more safer with paper. You need to know your facts jack before you try blaming good drivers. ATA and the mega carriers must of teached you stupid. Might as well train a monkey to throw banana peels at rookies like you

    11. Who’s hair are u gonna get plucked monthly? What, are you some kind of road nazi? Look, society ain’t run by road rats, it’s run by rich people borrowing money from people that want blame put on the poor. What sez you?

  2. The Appalling TA looking for a way to distract from their enormous and selfish contributions to the highway safety problem, namely the high driver turnover leading to a constant situation of novice drivers in their trucks. Their members have been cost-saving by leveraging the public safety against reasonable pay, with the side-effect of wrecking their own industry.

    ATA’s inherent disregard of public safety is now focsued letting 18-21 year olds drive CMV’s, using this drug issue is just a way of distracting from that. The purported 300k drivers that “slipped through” are likely more safe than a driver not only inexperienced at driving any vehicle, but also wielding an undeveloped prefrontal cortex to make life-impacting decisions with. There is proven science showing why human decision-making capability is better in the early twenties than in the late teens.

    Even then the primary concern has been “filling seats” rather than preventing seats being vacated. We need regs in place that would nullify any MC # when driver turnover exceeds 25%. With a stable driver population our highways would be safer with more experienced drivers out there and the industry would be stronger because pricing would need to reflect that reality rather than enhancing a quarterly sales graph.

    1. Awesome reply and you nailed it with your big brain.. drugs are not the substance abuse problem. It’s alcohol. As a trucker, i see it every week. Alcoholics drinking on toilet seats and in their trucks. And yes, they sell beer wine and hard liquor at truck stops.

      As for hair analysis, that is too far. I won’t work for a company that insists on shaving my chest.

    2. I think society should pay at every point of sale for a government mandated minimum wage of .40 cpm. or $20.00 an hour, whichever is greater. Americans need to pony up for the sacrifice that drivers are making to deliver their goods. Banking, insurance, investments AND EVEN MEDICAL industries cannot hold a candle to the importance of the transportation industry powered by the sacrifice of the truck driver.

    3. Damn it Speedy!!! That’s the most thorough & precise explanation I’ve read this far!!😱🤫🔊🚛

    4. When a carrier has a turnover rate of 106 +%. this is a big sign they are NOT treating their drivers right. 25% is too high . Treat your drivers right you will be successful.

  3. Gee. Wouldn’t that exacerbate this “trucker shortage,” that they want teens to fill in the gaps of?
    So, make sure pre employment screening is actually being done, and randoms complted more often!

      1. Not only that Ray, all these foreigners that are here illegally are going to need jobs. Guess what some idiot bureaucrats idea will be to solve this? Get them all CDLs and pay them $0.20 a mile. Hell most of them will be happy with that!

  4. What I have read is the hair analysis(topical chemical treatments) is easier to mask than urine. This sounds like a b.s. story line so that trucking companies can push out humans for machine auto driving rigs. The bottom line is this is about $$$$, not safety.

  5. If a driver has a wreck they are drug tested. How many have failed post accident tests??? This is nothing more than a company pushing a stock in hair analysis drug testing companies. The system works, sorry guy, your stock bonus scam is nothing more than that.

  6. The only thing the trucking alliance is concerned about is putting the small company out of business the could care less if a driver is using drugs as long as they get the rules changed so the small company and independent oo cant afford to pay and it forces them out of business

  7. Truck accidents are on the rise more due to distractions in the cab and in the cars driving around trucks. Plus the lack of training standards in the industry. Even the new so called Entry level training regulations where butchered by the FMCSA completely cutting out and mandatory hours behind the wheel from the proposed standards that were suggested by the committee. Hair testing crosses a constitutional line. What’s next DNA testing?

  8. This same group also wanted ELD . They are basically a lobbyist group that speaks only for themselves . The more expensive testing hurts smaller companies and implementing these rules is only good for these lobbyists. The over regulation they are hoping for is to put others out of business.

  9. All accidents are not drug related. Theres alot of drivers who just dont belong out there,with da shortage of other jobs they are force to truck drive which in reality it’s not their cup of tea..Second ,drivers who are not use to drive long are force or force themselves to get to their destiny. Get rid of the 30 minute break n bring back the 5 on and 5 sleeper,lastly no one can sleep 10 hours,some are awake by 7 hours n waiting for there 10 to be up,.then ur 10 is up n da body is whining down.Bring back da 8 hours in da sleeper as well n let us roll..Again show da statistics of drivers crashingif its drug related and I bet its not as big..Just a cop out n J.B hunt n others trying to put there names under this stupid law..yall should concentrate to get us out moving rather than sitting n getting burn out when it’s time to roll.

  10. This is such a joke. In the 70’s and 80’s there was ramped drug and alcohol use in the industry. There where bars in a number of truck stops or close by. The industry in my mind is so far removed from those days that there is always going to be an element that are bad apples, but what I see out there is guys and ladies looking to make a living in an industry that does not pay the respect to those working as truck driver’s. I’m proud to be one and respect those that run the highways with me.

    1. I am a truck driver and I would be willing to take any test that any law maker or Congress person would submit if they are willing to take the same test each year that they collect our tax money for sitting on their butts and judging everyone else. don’t be fooled this is not about drug testing but it’s a selling point to the public to get drivers off the road and put an 18-21 year behind the wheel of an autonomous truck for half the money

      1. If I was in a autonomous truck after that truck drove 11 hours we’re stopping for 10. Just exactly how will this save them any money.

  11. I agree with almost everyone on this. Total bulshit!! These dumbass lawmakers have to earn a paycheck somehow. But fortunately this is one that will never fly. Too many people in this industry are very prioritized with their lives because they have to be day in and day out. We are professionals and take our work serious. From what I have seen on the road 99 times out of 100 it’s a female driver, the elderly or someone who can’t read road signs that cause accidents not truck drivers. I myself am a driver and I put myself in the elite on the road. I enjoy the balance in my life between work and recreational fun. You take that away from me and others and our economy will go to shit real quick. What a total embarrassment to lawmaking this is get a life!!!

    1. You might want to get your facts straight before throwing them around. I am a female truck driver. Have been for 19 years and in those 19 years I have NEVER yes let me REPEAT that….I have never had an accident, ticket, incident or failed an inspection. So before you go throwing out your OPINION that it is mostly female drivers causing problems you might want to think again. 9 times out of 10 female drivers are actually better than Male drivers, jot only has that been proven time and time again in the real world….hence the reason males insurance rates are higher than women’s…. but it has been proven medically that our brains are designed to handle more tasks, stress and more.

      1. Get the hell out your feelings because he wasn’t referring to you, if you are who you say you are then why fucking respond if what he says don’t apply to you? But he is right, a lot of women shouldn’t be on the roads driving and the elderly have no place out here because they’re beyond dangerous.

      2. Really now. All people have talents we are good at. There might be a female that excels but are only a few. Name me one female Navy Seal?

        1. My better half is great driver. She has several million accident free miles under her belt. How many do you have?

    2. Gotta disagree with you there hoss. My wife is one of the best drivers in the fleet. They’re naturally organized and safety minded.

    3. Female drivers are proven to be safer than the men. My CDL is completely clean. No accidents, no tickets, and no failed inspections.

      1. Lots of men can make the same claim. I happen to be one. No tickets no accidents no failed inspections . Knocking on 4 million miles. This is not about man or woman is better, I don’t by their claims about this whole article. That is what I think everyone is missing the point of.

  12. Just because someone refuses a hair analysis doesn’t mean they are a drug user. Some people happen to take privacy seriously. A hair sample also includes a DNA sample which even law enforcement needs a court order to get. And of the people who test positive for drugs using a hair analysis it doesn’t mean they have used recently or while operating a vehicle. This article is just another push by large companies to control the industry.

  13. Even at the peak of the “drug problem” probably in the 80s, there were significantly less accidents than there are these days even when you factor in three times as many trucks on the road. I used to see one or two a month. Now it is three or four a week. Every where you look you see skid marks, ruts and trees knocked down from trucks leaving the road. YEA!!! We need to get rid of AT LEAST 300,000 drivers but this “drug problem” doesn’t have anything to do with it!!! Let’s increase drivers pay back to 70s standards, adjusted for inflation of course, and every problem and any need for studies like this will go away within two years. No more need to hire morons and children (now) to drive because the pay will will be worth it to stay and gain experience which desperately needed. Whoever wrote this or did the study is FOS!!!

  14. So, 94% of truck drivers tested clean? I’d like to know how other industries compare, because 94% is pretty fucking good, all things considered.

  15. Just in numbers alone, people will fall through the cracks. I know being realistic may be…..unrealistic.
    Just look at returning vets, you can’t run folks thru the wringer and expect all to be the same, 20 suicides a day.
    Not all are cutout for trucking, its stressful, abusive, and downright unappreciated by companies, as well by the general public.
    Even the states turn against us on “safety” blitzes in the name of
    ___________( You Fill In The Blank). The trucking companies receive many incentives for weeding out less than desirables, is immigration running the show, ICE, Border. Patrol.
    Everone has a hand in our pocket between the driver, and when we start work. Myself, I’ve spent my life driving, been out 9 weeks today, don’t you think i would like to spend time home in a healthy environment, wouldn’t you ?
    I don’t have all the answers, but i do know a few places to start.
    You cannot expect honesty from everyone, without participantin yourself, it’s a hard walk.

    1. Take some time off. You deserve it if your truly driving and paying bills. The truck or company couldn’t care less if you do.

  16. How about the eld problem causing most of the accidents today. Drivers are speeding through construction zones school zones and neighborhoods because they get caught in a 2 hour traffic jam not of their making and now can not get to where they have to be safely. I see it more often on the road with the so called trucking alliance trucks than owner operators. Their drivers are always going as fast as their trucks allow them to even when it is not safe. And I see them on their phones more than any other drivers. I have been driving since 1978 and have not seen half as many stupid and unsafe drivers as I see on the roads today. Yes in the past we had stupid drivers and when I first started I was one of them but I got smart in the first 6 months of driving. Everybody has a horror story about that one trucker that killed people. The actual drug use for drivers is so far down from what it was even 5 years ago that it is not even funny. So to the trucking alliance I say ba hum bug. Look to your own companies drivers and look at the ELDs and highway work zones that are published every day of the week in any state online. Do not pass new laws just govern your own drivers for safety first and enforce the current laws. There are probly at least 200 laws governing drivers as it is on the use of drugs and alcohol when behind the wheel.

  17. I worked for a company that did the hair test and I know a lady
    who failed it the first time she took it then took
    it again a few days later and past it so tell me how this is
    going it help if the test aren’t accurate

  18. Just taking the TARGETED PROBLEM and placing behind more and more B.S.



  19. I have been a trucker for 23 years. For the most part, the ATA and the Trucking Alliance are crap organizations backed by crap companies. Google the term crap companies and you will find out the treachery that is backing the ATA and the Trucking Alliance. These organizations and companies should be viewed as enemies of all truckers in the U. S.!!!! These outfits would probably kill a trucker for a dollar under the guises of safety!!!

  20. Purging the drivers isn’t going to fix the drug problem, but treating truck drivers like human beings instead of animals WILL. I’m tired of these idiots coming up with stupid solutions for simple problems. Try asking WHY before going on your witch hunt. All you’re about to do is drive up the cost of transporting commodities, not to mention the overall cost of commodities which will put a huge strain on our already fragile economy. Good job idiots.

    1. Those same IDIOTS don’t realize nor admit that the elds are the major reason why there’s more accidents. It’s all a money grab

  21. Enough is enough. We have to agree to having every move we make tracked via eld. We have to submit to pre employment, random and accident drug testing immediately following any incident no matter how minor or who is to blame. We have cameras in our truck on the driver as well as the traffic 24/7 not to mention complete medical physicals extremely tight government inspections audits and regulations. We go through numerous check points daily Nothing we have goes unchecked. How about everyone especially the idiot’s that push for tighter regulations abide under the same rules you claim to believe in. By the way fool.. you are probably the same idiot that advocates driverless trucks and granting cdl privileges to 18 year olds! Way to go slick.

  22. i got my tractor trailer license in 2000 I said this when I was making 25 cent a mile with Werner out of Lithonia, GA. The truck driver driver industry is full of drug addicts, alcoholics and pedophiles and rapists. How do I know I played cards and dominoes with them. They also have poor hygiene, milk jugs of urine in the truck and poor health I seen guys with a huge account and carrying a lot of money who will not get their teeth fixed to save their lives.

    1. This is how the life is. Sometimes it will be a week before I find a place I can pour out some urine. Sometimes 5 days or more before a shower. Companies could care less about our feelings.

    2. Bad associations spoils useful habits. You are who you hang around T Lea! There are more clean cut drivers,respectable men & women than these dregs of society you mingle with. #SelfSnitchinWhileTryin2ValidateAhComment🤣🤣

  23. The truth is the ata is at fault for the high accident rates. When you employ people who can barely speak english. And have almost no time behind the wheel of a personal vehicle to begin with. It’s just an accident waiting to happen. What Congress should do is inspect the rates of accidents these Mega Carriers cause vs. Mom and Pop style trucking companies.

  24. I think society should pay at every point of sale for a government mandated minimum wage of .40 cpm. or $20.00 an hour, whichever is greater. Americans need to pony up for the sacrifice that drivers are making to deliver their goods. Banking, insurance, investments AND EVEN MEDICAL industries cannot hold a candle to the importance of the transportation industry powered by the sacrifice of the truck driver.

  25. I shave my head and hair cause i swap trucks that contain lice to the point where making money is a fantasy. So now the indrustry has a voice against people that are untouchable?

  26. Definitely. Test these bums and ban them. Losing over 8% of the workforce will only increase driver pay. Do it today!!

  27. Yeah, I play a lot of soccer when I’m home, I keep no pubic hair anywhere on my body, hair don’t grow on my arms or legs and my haircut is always a number one so go fuck y’all selves with this bulshit…you will never get a strand of hair from my black ass…you will not touch my eyebrows because it’s the only place on my body you will get enough hair from to commit your fraud.

  28. These bitches aren’t going to purge 300000 drivers. They’ll let them drive with needles in their arms before that happens. There’s no way it will happen just because of the cost. FMCSA should stop pretending that it cares as bout safety. If it did it would shut down half of the rogue rusky outfits in Chicago. I call bullshit.

  29. So what.. You got some driver who hit joint a few times on a fishing trip, 3 weeks later test positive for marijuana . Dont mean hes high behind the wheel,
    yet. Look how many drivers buy 12 packs at the flying J on they’re 10 hour break. I just assume they are sober in the morning….. double standards stupid

    1. it they use it not driving a truck more than likely they will behind the wheel . it;s a weakness that will overcome them. Util they pay a big price for their stupidity it will continue. Human nature at work.

  30. Really do you think that drugs are causing the accident Rises, are you stupid or something, we are forced to drive while fatigued and forced to sleep when we can’t sleep, also we have to many unexperienced drivers put in unfamiliar positions, for one sample why would a company send a new driver to Wyoming knowing that the wind is a major issue, You guys set up there and have no idea what it takes to stay safe out here, Now you have people driving incredibly stupid out here thinking it is ok to pass on the right side of a Truck which is dangerous for a car to do. But I am speaking of A PROFESSIONAL DRIVER yeah right, then you have those that actually jerk their truck in front of you and only missing you by inches, I. Can go on and on, but my point is that because of our foreign policy that we let immigrants drive and not even read the or speak English language, that our CDLtest are written in only but somehow they seem to pass the written test but cannot remember the high ways or state laws about driving a air break vehicle, this is the reason for accident increases, not some drivers who are taking meds in order to fully function because of your stupidity, in making laws that totally do not benefit the transportation industry.

    1. Where are you getting this Forced to drive tired and the like? It is a drivers decision . If the driver is weak or job scared they might do it but I doubt anyone is actually forced to drive fatigued or sick..

    2. Yep. Had a driver manager try n send my student on a black diamond run in ORE. Kid was from GA, probably seen snow twice in his life, a week behind the wheel at the time. Said no thanks, I prefer breathing to making you rich.

  31. If they are hard drugs then yes purge them but for marijuana which I bet most of them are then no need to purge need to legalize!!!

  32. And how many these dumb fucks get passed thru from the maga carriers that shouldn’t be getting any frieght with there piss poor safety ratings but since they get to count all the rail miles they get a pass

  33. Truck accidents are on the rise because of drugs all the sudden? Hmm, couldn’t possibly be ELD mandate that the ATA pushed for that’s causing this!

    1. Trucking accidents are on the rise because there’s no law prohibiting 4 – wheeler’s from cutting off, failing to yield, and break checking drivers in any state. Also there’s much more traffic than there was 10 years ago, so more traffic means a higher chance of an accident. That’s just plain math. BTW, trucking accidents are on the rise because of drugs is how they brainwash the American people just like they say 40,000 Americans die each year due to guns. They don’t tell you that the survey includes police shootings, suicide, and accident shooting. It’s all about how they word it,they pay people big money to come up with this stuff (lies).

  34. I wouldn’t mind submitting a hair sample to prove I’m drug free as long as they make a law to drug test police officers and individuals on welfare. We need to get police officers that are taking steroids off the streets as well as kick anyone off of welfare that fails a drug test.

    1. Believe it or not . Drug testing was mandatory to be on welfare until some judge in Michigan considered it unconstitutional and banned it.

    1. Accidents are on the rise because carriers and schools are pushing people through with accelerated training programs designed to fill vacant seats much faster. They definitely are not preparing these drivers adequately and it is getting worse each year. That coupled with younger drivers that tend to have more distracted driving habits coming into trucking are ultimately the real reasons that accidents are on the rise.

  35. What about exposure to drugs by a person that doesnt do drugs.
    Did u know it is possible to test positive with the hair folical test
    With absorbition thru sweat, saliva, sexual secreations, or just touching the same spot were drugs had previously been. (Money, table tops etc) I know someone that has never done drugs ever, doesnt drink , doesnt smoke, that did not get any effect from the exposure to drugs, passed the urinalysis, but failed the hair follicles test. Turns out his stay at home wife was an addict.

  36. I believe this is too intrusive. Not even police departments have random drug testing. Truckers are human too and like having fun and or make mistakes however truckers are the only ones who go to prison for their jobs. If you’re on vacation for a month somewhere partying having fun and did a line of coke but you were off duty for 30 days then 10 days after coming back to work you fail a drug test for cocaine, would be wrong. It’s not like drivers get paid so well that is a sacrifice not to even take tylenol because you have a headache, is absolutely ridiculous and spearheaded by power hungry politicians. Any driver directly under the influence of any kind of controlled substance should be fired on the spot but not because you did something while on a long vacation is too intrusive. If police had the dame random drug check like what get, well there would be a huge shortage of police in our country, and they possess the license to kill. How about the surgeon performing open heart surgery? How well would they do with a random drug checks?

  37. I am an over the road professional truck driver, The results of drug use by my peers in this report are alarming, to say the least, and I would not dare make an excuse for any truck driver that uses illegal drugs. But consider the results of this report if everyday drivers were tested. the bottom line is our high way road systems and streets are more risky to drive on due to the high access of illicit drugs in our society than they were 30 years ago.

    Face it a large percentage of Americans, regardless of race are driving under the influence of illegal drug use then if you included alcohol use and abuse the greater number of motorist that is non-users or clear thinkers have reason to push or demand passage of hair follicle drug testing legislation for CDL Truck Drivers which after reading this report I can’t disagree with them.

    1. Just because you fail a test, DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE.
      What yoir failing is their morality test to keep you pure on YOUR TIME OFF.
      Your time away from work, is not your time, they own you.

  38. WOW! Looks like somebody hit a nerve! When I drove, the piss test was good enough to get the dirty drivers off the road, but with all the ways the dopers have to beat that, technology has to catch up. Sounds like we have a LOT of potheads in these comments.
    Get rid of every last one of them. If one slips through and causes an accident, lock him up and throw away the key. That goes for boozers too.
    BELIEVE ME, there are MORE THAN ENOUGH decent SOBER young men and women out there, who AREN’T BOOZERS or DOPERS, who will fill the shoes of the scumbags., and do a better and a safer job of it.

    1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Ricky Smith calm down Sir! I completely understand your view but they’re still human. Alcohol & drug use is addictive an requires a lot support & Professional help to kick the unclean habits.

  39. So pretty much what this says, is that since urine tests are only 99. Whatever accurate, that the point whatever folks are all drug abusers. LMAO, I never read such b.s. in my life. It says People failed tests at those companies, but it does not say they are driving or ever got jobs, it just puts them up there to confuse what they are saying. And what they are saying is that since drug tests are only 99 percent or so accurate, the other one percent of drivers are dope heads. Never mind the fact that they have likely taken multiple drug tests in their careers and have never failed one. This is a load of bull. Someone is getting paid to promote hair testing because it is much more expensive and testing companies can get rich off of it. That is all this is.

  40. This is bullshit, you do realize that these companies that belong to the trucking alliance have the worst safety record then all other companies combined and they are the worst companies to work for

  41. IMO, the real reason truck accidents are on the rise is thousands of truck drivers in 70+ mph trucks that can’t read or comprehend the English language…..which all road signs are written in. These are the same individuals who want to do 75 while tailgating another vehicle. Why do they do it? Because that’s the way things are done in their home Country and they don’t care that it is unsafe.

    Step 1 to reducing truck wrecks….know English or no CDL!

    Step 2. Left lane of interstates through cities for through trucks ONLY. This will eliminate passenger vehicles cutting off semis and allow traffic to flow at a reasonable rate.

  42. This is just another example of the big companies trying to increase their profits by expanding truck drivers medical testing standards that the majority people would fail across all work force industries. For example: if the hair follicle test was given for car drivers, doctors, air traffic controllers, executives, policemen and firefighters, etc. and test for alcohol and drugs, there would be a very large percentage of failure, the reason why, is because anything that you put in your body can be detected by the hair follicle test….that don’t mean that you are impaired, it only means you used or was exposed to the substance.
    For example: everyone have experience smelling alcohol on someone after they had been drinking the night before and when they sweat, you can smell the alcohol coming from their body but they are not impaired. Therefore, the medical test should always be based upon impairment standards.
    Here are the big trucking companies strategy: If DOT up the test standards to follicle hair test, that it would purge a substantial amount of truck drivers off the road and out of a job, which would allow those big trucking companies to raise their freight rates due to the demand of freight needing to be moved.
    What need to be done by DOT: Stop trucking companies from doing Lease Purchases; Set Truck Driver’s Wage Standards; Mandate All Trucks are Enabled to Run 72 mph; Establish Detention, Reset and Layover Pay be Based-On the Driver’s cpm Pay; Allow all Interstate Drivers to Deduct Daily Per Diem on Taxes; Stop all Fictitious So-Called Contract Driver; Mandate that all Trucks are Able to Idle for 10 hours and have Apu’s; Mandate Trucking Companies Pay Half of Drivers Cellphone Bills; etc.


  43. Trucking Alliance Managing Director Lane Kidd in a statement. “No wonder truck accidents are on the rise.”
    Really?!?!?! Seriously?!?!?! What an arrogant P.O.S.! I’m sure drug use may play a factor in accidents with trucks but let’s face facts here, it’s the ahole 4wheelers, motor home drivers, along with new “kid drivers” and the completely ignorant insane drivers that cut off truckers just to turn because they can’t wait that 3-6 seconds in behind a truck so they cut us off, brake check us, take away our safety zone and following distance to save 3 seconds! Let’s start drug testing THEM! When all the trucks stop because we have no more drivers because they keep forcing more and more rules and regulations down our throat these idiots that have zero knowledge about trucks won’t have a complaint in the world because there will be no more gas at the station, no groceries on the shelves, no more new cars being delivered and no more trucks on the roads! People better wake up and quick and realize just how important truckers are to the world economy! Hey, just my two cents, I could be wrong but I doubt it!

  44. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Ricky Smith calm down Sir! I completely understand your view but they’re still human. Alcohol & drug use is addictive an requires a lot support & Professional help to kick the unclean habits.

  45. Why don’t you mega carries at MIT it y’all hire the worst people out there and think you can make a truck driver out of them that’s why the accident rate is up so high I see the kind of people y’all they can’t back up in the truck stop and when they do get park they don’t even do a post trip and leave there head lights on and go to bed

  46. You’ll see a real driver shortage when they roll out hair testing. I’d be more for a test that can see the last 12-24 hrs of drug use and be subjected to at least 1 random per week. That way they’ll actually catch the drivers that are using on the job. Accidents on the rise because of drugs, give me a break. It has nothing to do with how easy it is to get a CDL, how crowded and shitty the roads are, cell phone distractions or anything else 🙄🙄

  47. So, if they know these people failed test with one carrier before going somewhere else that only piss tests to drive, then dont they already know the people they are speaking of? And have they correlated those people’s identities to the crashes to show that is an actual REASON for more accidents? Doesnt sound too hard to do. If they know someone failed a test for one carrier, why wouldnt they just suspend the driver’s license for 6 months or a year, then nobody would be able to hire them legally until that suspension is over.

    I dont know, never had a wreck, never drove on pills, weed or alcohol, it just seems like, if they know 300.000 drivers have failed tests at one carrier or another, they should be able to suspend their commercial license.

  48. I will gladly take a mandatory hair test and right after I will need a raise from .45 cents a mile too .75 cents a mile. If I don’t get it then I’ll just go back too welding. For the hours days and weeks I put into this job year after year the pay just doesn’t justify the loss of my personal life. The less drivers you have the more you’ll need but with automation who in their right mind at 22 would even look at trucking. I’m all for this but I’m definitely gonna need way more money. This isn’t the good career it was in my Father’s Day. It’s actually a horrible career choice for anyone who wants a family. I’m about 2 or three new regulations away from leaving anyway. I’m not a criminal or a drug addict and I’m tired of being treated like one. This country needs us for now but hates us. Well I for one am just about done. These same companies you mentioned have some of the worst drivers and pay the least. Job hunt and us express are horrible employers who will replace the driver the first chance they get.

  49. Using the slogan from the Navy Seals, MOM
    MIND OVER MATTER, if the mind doesn’t work it doesn’t matter….get off the drugs and booze, stop claiming it’s an incurable disease, with the mind, you can accomplish anything….EXCUSES ARE FOR THE WEAK….FIND THE ANSWER AND REACH THE SUMMIT…..The life you save could be your own….

  50. Until drivers organize and unionize you will all be shat upon daily. Too many drivers talk big smack about not being in a union then start crying the blues about the low pay, long.and unpaid work hours and general disrespect they get from everybody. Until you fools do something to unionize you’re all basically permanently screwed and you have nobody to blame but yourselves. For starters everybody should join the OOIDA and when they get huge maybe people and Gov’t would listen to your gripes rather then totally ignoring you all and laughing in your ignorant faces.

  51. Not only that Ray, all these foreigners that are here illegally are going to need jobs. Guess what some idiot bureaucrats idea will be to solve this? Get them all CDLs and pay them $0.20 a mile. Hell most of them will be happy with that!

  52. Out of the 94% how many are employed by the giant Mega fleets. I am willing to bet that it is the majority. What a RIDICILOUS article. Generalizations and skewing data seems to be the gisy of your article. I suggest a revisit of elementary statistics and data analysis, BECAUSE THIS IS A COMPLETELY UNFOUNDED ASSUMPTION PRESENTED AS FACT…..IN OTHER WORDS FAKE NEWS PROPAGANDA.

  53. i have an idea! don’t do drug’s at all and this would solve all this moaning about being tested! you know when you hire on that drug testing is mandatory and you can be tested randomly. if you feel the need to smoke,inject,snort or whatever means there are to take drug’s then maybe you should look for another line or work!!!! be an adult and ghrow up!

  54. The problem with hair testing for drugs is that its not always accurate, you can find things in hair samples from the type of soap or shampoo even conditioner that one uses. The longer the hair the more you can find. Hair drug testing is just not practical due to its flaws , that’s why so many companies urine test.

  55. Bogus Salami!

    These anal orifices are ALL in the position RIGHT NOW to remove this problem! Each and every one of these companies have pre-employment drug screenings in place. Why are they looking to enact laws to do what they can (and should) already do? What is their actual agenda?

    Due to the fact they can all refuse employment to drug users yet need to get laws passed to have the government tell them to do it reveals one thing, we live in a fascist state. The corporations are privately owned but controlled by the state, Hitlers utopia!
    Heil Globalism!!!!

  56. It’s amazing how we went from a drug test to a cell phone simply amazing. People can’t stay on topic. Most likely cause they dont have anything productive to put out. The hair sample will not prove that we failed previously. But it will show that at some point in the past that person may have used some form of drug. Marijuana being the most prevalent in the hair. And maybe opioids but cocaine probably not it only stays in the system 3 days. All these arguements are used to turn hard working people into criminals. Yes there maybe a problem, but to single accidents as the result and not looking at how these private citizens drive around us and those folks are more likely to be on drugs rather than the working man in a commercial vehicle. I do believe that some of the drivers in commercial truck may have a problem. Not sure it 300,000.

  57. Complete BS ,I would what his/ or the providers of this info’s relationship with testing companies is.If they can pass a piss test they are not addicted

  58. While brokers are working very hard to park as many trucks they can with their super cheap rates and DOT it’s working very hard to exterminate O/O this people are claiming that actually we need more drivers?
    How about the actual drivers that are abused every week sitting in parking lots without a pay check or sitting at shipper/ receiver?

  59. They’re just being too intrusive and it’s over reaching. It’s an invasion of privacy and confidentiality of medical history. They say it’s an 8/10 panel test which is B.S. because the hair folical tests reveal everything,drugs,chemicals and what ever ingredients in cosmetics,food,drinks,prescriptions,vitamins,the air,smoke,gases you name it what ever enters our system/body. Which can be misinterpreted in so many ways. It’s none of their business if I take Viagra/coal is to enhance my sex life. Non of their business if I’m taking prescriptions for herpes or hepatitis c or aids meds or any other meds for health reasons other than meds that would affect my driving capabilities. Not only does the testing reveal everything but all is passed on to your employers whom are not sworn confidentiality and bring up your conditions in general conversations with anyone at any time to gossip even make jokes about or to humiliate the person. We all need to stick together everyone of is refuse every hair follicle test. What are they going to do,terminate and refuse employment to all of us? If they are unable to use it they can’t enforce it. Let’s stand together as human drivers protecting our rights and our integrity. I refuse them every time and yes I’ve been denied employment by most companies I’ve applied at and have been hired by a few others as well stating my point and concerns and having been agreed with.(And at times I think I’ve been UA drug tested a bit more frequently than my fellow coworkers.and that’s ok with me I pass every one of them).So come on say what you mean,mean what you say and take a stance we can get rid of this stupid hair follicle testing together,refuse to submit to it!

  60. I’ve been driving for almost 26 years. When I first started, yes I used. I won’t lie, I use occasionally now, MJ. I’ve passed, not by deluding my urine, just plain ole personal urine. I have failed drug test when I first started driving. But have never failed a pre employment, post accident or a random drug test in over 15 to 20yrs. Hair testing should not be used for any reason. Blood and urinalysis prove enough, positive or negative tests. No I don’t believe that one should be judged or told what they can and can not do on there personal time away from driving a commercial vehicle. If they do fail, then yes, there should be consequences.

  61. Can we talk about how sleep deprivation is affecting everyone on the road? ” It’s estimated that drowsy driving is responsible for 20% of all car crashes in the United States”…

  62. Not really.. but i am.totally against drugs and alcohol behind steering wheels of any form. Those users should be.kept off the road and offer treatment.for it before.coming back driving, should apply to all drivers, commercial or not,
    Real.problem on the rising accidents are.the CDL mills, that major mega carriers has, they just get the student licensed and send.them with a supposed trainer that uses the student as co driver to increase they pay check, and that is fully supported by planners and diapatchers, so they do not get any training. Thats the real problem.

  63. I would never work for one of those big companies, that’s the Fuckin problem right there! If more of us stuck together and didn’t get in bed with the corporations they would go under and then they wouldn’t be there with their lobbies and groups and we wouldn’t have to worry about it … JUST SAY NO … TO MEGA FLEETS

  64. What a bunch of BS. I can tell you , as a safety professional, the hair test does not tell you what they currently have in their system. Also, this type of testing has constitutional problems. If a guy smokes a joint 3 months ago while he as not employed, it is of no concern to me, nor should it be. Many states have now made it legal. We need to know if they driver is CURRENTLY using. That is what is important. Not hiring a guy for what he did MONTHS before he even applied for the job is stupid and wrong. If he was not employed, who are we to deny employment based on that? It will fail in court. These idiots in the Trucking Alliance must have some other motivation for this horrible assessment. The urinalysis is very accurate in real time information on what is in the drivers system. The hair test is faulty. It’s really an invasion of privacy.

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